Business Continuity Policy

CORONIS RESEARCH S.A. is primarily engaged in providing services for clinical study design and conduct to international and local pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, as well as pharmacovigilance, clinical data management and statistical analysis, medical writing, regulatory affairs, patient support programs, training, consulting services in healthcare sector and medical information management. The Company’s management has developed its Business Continuity Policy based on the provision of high availability of its services, using effective methods of implementing the obligations undertaken towards its clients.

CORONIS RESEARCH S.A. identifies and evaluates all risks related to its operation, in order to identify in a timely manner all possible situations that may prevent it from achieving its Business Continuity objectives, secure the necessary resources and take timely management measures.

The main Objectives of the Business Continuity Management System, are:

•    To ensure the operation continuation of the critical activities of the company in case of an incident, at the levels set by the Management and according to the needs of customers;
•    To reduce as much as possible the time of complete operation restoration to acceptable levels;
•    Minimize the outage incidents effects on both the company and the customers;

The Business Continuity Management System is designed and implemented in such a way so that:

•    Business continuity requirements are planned and evaluated in a systematic and efficient manner;
•    It leads to the development of post-incident recovery strategies and the implementation of specific Business Continuity Incident Response Plans. The Plans are constantly reviewed and improved through testing and drill execution;
•    It ensures the minimum operation acceptable level of the critical activities of the company;
•    It safeguards in all instances the Health and Safety of the staff and associates

Company’s Management is committed to the compliance of its services with legislative, regulatory and other requirements that govern the activity of the company, both for its legal operation and for requirements related to Business Continuity.
In order to achieve this commitment, the Company has adopted a methodology for identifying these requirements as well as procedures for ensuring its compliance with these requirements.

A key commitment of the Company’s Management, is the continuous improvement of the performance of the Business Continuity Management System.

The Business Continuity Policy is reviewed annually during management review, in order to ensure its suitability.

The Business Continuity Policy is at the disposal of every interested party.

In order to implement the Business Continuity Policy, CORONIS Research SA considers that the active participation of employees in the compliance, development and documentation of all procedures under the Integrated Management System, is necessary. After all, the employees in the company contribute to the effective implementation of the integrated management system and its improvement, while its compliance is binding for the company.


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