The two-steps process for a business to reach the top is to first “build” the people and then let the people build the business.

Human Resources Development (HRD) is the most determining factor in a business’ success. In simple terms, it is an established bussiness framework employee-centric, focusing on developing employees' skills and abilities through training, career development, performance management and coaching, all of which also lead to constant business development.

At CORONIS, we firmly believe that our people's success is our success, hence we are determined to assist each employee learn, develop and evolve.

The two-steps process for a business to reach the top is to first “build” the people and then let the people build the business.

No matter how capable and skilled your employees may be, what determines their job-performance and effectiveness is the adaptation to organization's culture, the ease of access to job-related-information, their continuous training and mentorship. It has been proven that well-trained employees tend to be 6 times more efficient than those receiving no training.

The human recources development (HRD) process begins upon the hiring of a new employee and continues throughout that employee's tenure with the organization.

CORONIS vision is to help pharma companies develop an effective, high-performing workforce that will be entrusted with the role of meeting their business objectives.

In this context we have developed 2 types of training programs:

  • “Open seminars” addressed to a wide audience.
  • “In-house seminars” tailored to client’s needs.

All training deliverables include clear, concise learning objectives, with learning styles optimized according to each audience's needs, including one-to-one, group or wider participants.

Our core in-house seminars are developed based on the following thematic units:

  • Products specifications and disease
  • Clinical protocols
  • ICH-GCP guidelines
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • GDPR

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