Medical Translation Services

Medical translation services require precision and multiple levels of quality control while deep, specialized knowledge of medical terminology as well as good understanding of regulatory framework are perquisites that contribute to high-quality deliverables.

Our team of Health Science professionals is here to undertake any medical translation required for your clinical development project and beyond. Starting from the appointment of the most qualified individuals, we deliver projects of high translation and linguistic accuracy which may always be certified by our medical professionals.

Our medical translation services cover the following types of documentation:

• Clinical Study Protocols
• Informed Consent Forms
• Case Report Forms
• Investigator’s Brochures (IB)
• Clinical Trial Reports
• Regulatory documentation
• Medical and Laboratory Manuals
• IMP Labelling & Packaging
• Clinical Trial Participants documentation such as questionnaires, diaries, cards, educational material etc.
• ePROs (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) questionnaires
• Indication and Study Protocol Presentations
• Educational Material
• Medical Scientific Texts

In a clinical research project, every element requires our full attention. It is our holistic - with attention to detail - approach, that allows us to make sure that each project will be timely and successfully completed.


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