Name Origination

The Company's name originates from the nymph Coronis who was the mother of Asclepius, the Greek God of Health and Father of Medicine. According to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Coronis was the daughter of Phlegyas, the King of the Lapiths in Thessaly.

The Myth of Coronis

Apollo, the God of Light and Religious Healing, fell passionately in love with Coronis who was already engaged to Ischys, the son of the King of Arcadia. The union of Coronis and Apollo left her pregnant, a fact that made her ashamed as it was impossible to cancel her wedding to Ischys. In his absence, Apollo left his messenger, a white crow, to watch over his dear Coronis. After witnessing the wedding preparations, the crow flew to Delphi to convey the news to Apollo that his beloved was marrying a mortal.

Apollo became so furious that he killed Ischys and turned the white crow to black for being the bearer of bad news, while his twin sister Artemis slayed Coronis with her arrows. Before Coronis' body was placed upon a funeral pyre, Apollo saved the life of his son out of the womb of his dying mother.

Apollo named him Asclepius, which means "Unceasingly Gentle" and took him to Pelion, where he entrusted his nurture to the Centaur Chiron, who became his tutor and mentor. Chiron educated Asclepius in the healing arts. When Asclepius became so skilful in relieving mankind from pain and suffering, that he could revive even the dead, Hades, the ruler of the Dead, became so angry and complained to Zeus, the ruler of all gods, who killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt.

Among Asclepius' children, his daughters Hygeia (the Goddess of Health and Hygiene), Panacea (the Goddess of Remedies) and Iaso (Goddess of Healing) personified Prevention and Cure while his sons Machaon and Podalirius embodied Surgery and non-invasive Therapeutics.


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