Contract Detailing Services (CDS)

One of the factors of your products success is its wide awareness and right positioning in the market which make it stand-out from other products with similar attributes. Reaching patients means that you have first reached the right healthcare providers, meaning the physicians and the pharmacists as these are the people who determine which product offers the maximum benefit to the patient.

Our Contract Detailing Services (CDS) help our customers gain access to an expanded network of both hospital and private-practice physicians and pharmacists, throughout the country.

A highly trained detailing team is always available to exclusively deal with your product, by reaching effectively your target audience. Through face-to-face or remote meetings, their role is to clearly communicate your products’ properties and benefits and offer valuable practices, extra tips and useful advice.

Our objective is to have a wide network of physicians and pharmacists well-educated about your product and fully aware of its added value comparing to competition products.

CDS have been proven to be a valuable tool for our clients, offering:

  • Flexible engagement models
  • Regular reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) that help strategic planning and continuous adjustments
  • Access to a wide database of healthcare providers
  • Accelerated increase in product sales

CORONIS market experts are here to build with you the optimal detailing strategy that will serve your market objectives and revenue targets. This is the start-point for our skilled detailers to start raising your products awareness.


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