Phase II - IV

At CORONIS we understand your concern about the challenges that your clinical development program might face and we are committed to help you minimize any potential risk.

By sharing with you our experience in conducting successful clinical trials, we aim to become your trusted and most valuable partner across the whole product development process.

We guarantee your trials success by focusing our efforts on the following key factors:

STEP 1: Clinical Feasibility Assessment

The Concept Development, the regulatory strategy as well as the identification of the right Investigational Sites shall be based on a thorough and precise Clinical Feasibility Assessment. This process allows us to evaluate your study’s special requirements and identify the best strategy to mitigate costs and risks.

STEP 2: Clinical Study Recruitment Plan and Enrolment Target Accomplishment

Once the key factors of study design and initiation have been determined, we initiate the development of a patient recruitment plan which gives us a meaningful insight into any potential recruitment challenges and brings out the best recruitment strategy.

STEP 3: Rapid & Compliant Clinical Trial Execution

After successful implementation of the first two steps, the trial starts running smoothly and what remains as our only concern is to ensure the respect of critical milestones and clinical study’s quality compliance.

Having identified the suitable investigational sites, we create the conditions for quick site activation and adherence to the recruitment strategy.

At the same time, our clinical quality system allows us to continuously monitor study’s progress, detect and manage timely any deviations and this way ensure the high-quality of deliverable results.


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