Who we are


Entering the market 20 years ago, we had the vision of becoming a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that would contribute -through the provision of quality clinical services- to the delivery of life-changing therapies to patients worldwide.

Through the long journey that followed, giving us the opportunity to explore in depth the demanding drug development process, we realized that the clinical research is only one among the many inseparably linked steps through which a product comes into market. What guarantees a product's successful entry into the market is the flawless design and perfect coordination of all development stages.

This was the time-point we took the decision of becoming something more than a clinical research organisation.

We decided to become our clients’ trustful business partner and help them effectively combine their own means, knowledge and experience with our clinical research and commercialization capabilities under the roof of the most advanced science, business and data technologies. After this decision we are a little step closer to our initial goal:

Now we can ensure than no obstacle will break the course of a promising treatment toward the patient!

Operating for more than two decades in Greece and Cyprus, CORONIS has been delivering a full spectrum of services to national and international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and other healthcare-related organisations.

Our commitment all these years has been to enable our clients carry out their initiatives and successfully accomplish their drug development objectives, through the utility of tailor-made services along with the highest quality standards.

Certifications/Tokens of Excellence

CORONIS is awarded with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification -across all company's divisions and functions- and approved by the Greek Competent Authority as a CRO. Being one of the founding members of HACRO (Hellenic Association of CROs) and an actively participating member of EUCROF (European CRO Federation) allow us to be on the front-line of changes and improvements.

Where we stand

The configuration of our services has followed our customers’ demands and has been built according to the following main categories:

By covering the full spectrum of your product development needs, what we aim is to become your most valuable and reliable partner across the whole product’s life cycle!


How can we help you?